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Entrance Pivot Doors

root 2032

minimal fixed glazing

pivot doors Dubai

fixed glass panelMullion Width – 20mm – 32mm

minimal fixed glazing Max Panel Size – Width 3.2M | Height 12M

System Depth– 50 | 80 | 130 | 210 | 300mm

glazing glass fitting Glazing – 36mm – 70 mm

Finish – Powder Coated | PVDF | Anodized | Wood Effect

glazing glass fitting
pivot doors aluminium

Bifold doors offer a versatile and modern solution for both residential and commercial spaces. With their sleek and durable aluminium frames, they provide a stylish and contemporary look. The inclusion of glazing glass fitting and glass panels enhances natural light, while the flexibility of bifold functionality allows for easy opening and closing. Whether you need a glass door or a panel door, aluminium fixed glazing glass fitting in bifold doors provides a secure and visually appealing option. Explore the possibilities of bifold doors with fixed glass door panel glaze for your space today.

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