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Entrance Pivot Doors

fan 20

Glazed Pivot Door

Sash Width – 20mm 

Max Panel Size – Width 2.5M | Height 5M

Max Panel Weight – 750Kg

Locking – Electric | Multipoint | Smart | Lever

Bottom Seal – Wool Pile

Glazing – 36mm – 42mm

System Depth – 104mm

Operation – Free Swing | Floor Spring

Finish – Powder Coated | PVDF | Anodized | Wood Effect

Pivots – Stainless Steal | Plated

Tviinn Pivot Door

Golden Tower Metal Industries LLC, an esteemed leader in the field of architectural solutions, introduces the innovative Tviinn pivot door, a remarkable blend of design and functionality. The Tviinn fan pivot door, particularly the Tviinn fan 20 model, redefines the entrance experience, merging the traditional pivot mechanism with a unique fan feature for enhanced ventilation. As pioneers in the industry, Golden Tower Aluminium continues to push the boundaries with the Tviinn bifold doors and expansive Tviinn windows USA collection, catering to diverse architectural needs. The fan for door concept elevates standard pivot fan designs, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Nestled within the pivot tower offerings, Golden Tower’s 42 series showcases the epitome of innovation in door and window solutions. With Tviinn’s cutting-edge designs, Golden Tower Metal Industries affirms its commitment to blending form and function seamlessly.

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